Automation and robotization solutions for the agricultural sector


Optimize your agricultural productivity with our automation systems and robotized equipment

At Excelpro, we offer customized, tailored solutions.

We specialize in the manufacture of control panels, automation and robotization for agricultural operations.

With the fast evolution of the agricultural sector, it becomes essential to make room for technologies to optimize productivity, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of agricultural operations.

Excelpro’s team will support you in your digital transformation for smarter, more efficient and more sustainable agriculture.

Robots for your agricultural operations

Our division, Génik, supports companies in automating and robotizing their agricultural cycle.

Whether it’s for seeding, harvesting or packaging, Génik can design reliable equipment that will give you the peace of mind you need.

All programming and automation elements are handled by our team of experts.

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Automated control of agricultural operations

Our Multico branch specializes in designing and manufacturing control panel dedicated to farms and other types of agricultural businesses.

Our automation technologies automate repetitive tasks, improve operational precision and maximize profits.

  • Automated feed batching system
  • Grain handling system control
  • Grain processing
  • Total mixed ration (TMR) system
  • Grain distributor head controller
  • Manure evacuation and processing system

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Multico control panels improve agricultural productivity and reduce losses through better monitoring and control of operations.

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