Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance

Greater availability for your equipment

To ensure the longevity of your automated production equipment, our electricians, technicians, and mechanics work on maintaining the optimal functioning of your equipment, whether it be electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. Whether you approach maintenance with a proactive or reactive stance, you can count on our industrial maintenance team to perform preventive maintenance, make electrical modifications, or even adjust the programming to improve production rate, capacity, or reliability.

Our industrial maintenance experts are highly trained in control and can work on a multitude of automated platforms. We cover most of the major PLC manufacturers (programmable controllers) such as Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, Omron, Schneider (Télémécanique) and Siemens, to name only a few.

Our industrial maintenance team works every day with our clients to solve problems that affect productivity, such as machine downtime caused by electrical or mechanical problems.


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