Industrial electrical systems and automation in the mining industry


Increase your efficiency with our expertise in mining industry automation

Mining, like many other industries, is confronted with market globalisation. Because operating in this industry requires investments of several hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars, a well-developed strategic plan for implementation and operation is essential. Our expertise in automation in the mining extraction industry will enable you to increase your efficiency while remaining competitive.


A partner with scope

We know your working environments, your installation standards, your problems, and your challenges. We can be a valuable advisor and a true partner who is committed to ensure the success of your projects in every way possible. 

  • Electrical and control installations on new machines, production lines, and processes. 
  • New automation plan. 
  • Control system modernisation (retrofit). 
  • Machine modernisation or conversion. 
  • Instrument replacement, addition, or calibration. 
  • Upgrading production equipment to meet current standards (machine safety)
  • Optimisation and programming of machines, production lines, and processes

To increase overall productivity

Extraction, concentration, and cleaning processes require implementation of different leading-edge technologies. Mining companies have no choice but to stay current with new trends to remain competitive. They must invest in quality eqquipment’s and pay attention to every phase of their integration to guarantee longevity and performance. Because mines are generally located in geographically isolated areas, they must choose very energy-efficient systems. They must therefore select and install technologies in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. Moreover, because remote facilities find it difficult to recruit specialised employees, automation of mining processes at the highest level is a must, and all available diagnostic and predictive analysis tools must be implemented to avoid breakdowns and long periods of production downtime.

As for existing installations, they must modernise their facilities to increase their overall productivity, to comply with ever-stricter environmental standards, and to improve their energy efficiency. Just like greenfield facilities, they must invest in digitalization to ensure that they can increase their efficiency and thus remain competitive.

For more than 30 years, we have been the partner of choice for heavy industry. The mining industry chooses us, not only for electrical installations and automation, but also for optimisation and the addition of a layer of industrial IT tools for data acquisition, diagnosis, and production management, as well as performance indicators.

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