We help you reach your goals in industrial automation

From consulting services to total integration of components, we offer cutting-edge services covering all aspects of industrial automation projects. 

Fields of expertise covered by our team:

  • Detail engineering guiding the fabrication and installation of control panels and automated systems
  • Fabrication of CSA- and UL-certified panels (up to 1600A), control panels, interfaces, and instrumentation
  • Electrical assembly of skids (power connection, instrumentation, and control testing in our workshop)
  • Fabrication of ergonomic operator consoles
  • Machine safety (risk analysis, risk reduction measures, etc.)
  • Industrial networks
  • Programming (PLC, DCS, SIS, Operator interface, SCADA, SQL) 
  • Industrial mechanical (machine safety, material handling, ergonomics, design and manufacture of equipements)
  • Instrumentation (selection, supply, calibration)
  • Thermography (analysis and corrective measures) 
  • Industrial support and maintenance (electrical, control, and mechanical)

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