Pulp and Paper

Industrial electrical systems and automation in the pulp and paper industry


Modernize the facilities

In order to improve their overall productivity, comply with ever-stricter environmental standards and increase their energy efficiency, pulp and paper companies are investing massively in digitalisation, general automation, but also for mill optimisation and for adding an industrial IT layer enabling data acquisition, diagnostics, and production management tools as well as performance indicators.

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Multiplied value

An advisory partner

For over 30 years, we accompany companies who want to stay one step ahead in their automation strategies.

The objectives are to facilitate system maintenance and operation, to put in place the technologies needed for continuous improvement of internal processes, to simplify human interventions, and to make operations accessible to a wider range of workers by transferring a large portion of the decision-making burden to control systems.

We have all the tools to implement or upgrade your control systems to meet the highest standards of modern industry.

  • Electrical and control installations on new machines
  • Design of power and control systems for new plants
  • Control system modernisation (PLC migration, axis controllers, HMI, SCADA)
  • Machine modernisation or conversion (servo drive)
  • Instrument replacement, addition, or calibration
  • Robotization
  • Upgrading production equipment to meet current standards (machine safety)
  • Optimisation of production lines
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