Industrial machine safety

Industrial machine safety

Provide safe work environments

Our industrial machine safety experts cover from risk assessment to proof of concept including implementation of risk reduction measures on all types of equipment. The recommendations they make will enable you to secure the targeted installations, without impacting productivity.

Industrial machine safety

We handle your machine safety project

Our team can take care of all phases of an industrial machine safety project, making management for your team much easier. We can also implement or validate lockout programs (including procedures).

An industrial machine safety project requires the involvement of a number of specialists. Excelpro facilitates management of all these specialists by including them within a single team where they constantly collaborate to deliver high quality machine safety solutions. We involve key members of your organization to ensure that your reality is taken into account when defining and implementing risk reduction measures.

  • Risk analysis to define, classify, and prioritize interventions.
  • Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic surveys to have a complete picture in hand at the time of design.
  • Engineering, design, and drawings for implementation of guards or other technologies to reduce risk.
  • Implementation of risk reduction measures, including mechanical, electrical, and programming.
  • Validation of the effectiveness of the measures once implemented.

Our scope of design and activities are not limited to equipment control, but also includes mechanical design and fabrication of all protective devices, including:

  • Guards
  • Enclosures (security perimeters)
  • Modification or mechanical adaptation of equipment to make it safe (for example, elimination of pinch points)
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