Panel Manufacturer

Panel manufacturer

Quality and performance at a competitive price

Fabrication of electrical control, power, and instrumentation panels is done under the attentive eyes of our talented technicians. Rigor and precision are our main concern to offer superior-quality CSA- or UL-certified products. We can also work with clients for the CE certification of their control equipment.

Whether the drawings are of our own design, from the client, or from an engineering form, we can build electrical control panels adapted to specific needs, assembled, wired, inspected, certified, packed, and delivered, all according to our ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. We also fabricate several types of electrical control panel and other technical assemblies in our shop. 

  • Relay logic control panels
  • PLC or DCS control panels
  • Security panels
  • Power panels (CSA and UL up to 1600 amps)
  • Mixed panels (combining PLC, security, and power)
  • Instrumentation panels
  • Pneumatic panels
  • Protection and auxiliary service panels
  • Operator consoles
  • Operating stations
  • SKID wiring

We offer our clients the possibility of proceeding to POV (pre-operational verification) in our shops. In the case of turnkey projects including programming, we conduct a systematic FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in our shops before delivery. 


In business for more than 30 years, Excelpro specializes in offering automation and industrial electrical services to a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Offer our client partners the services of our expert team in fields associated with electrical, automation and industrial IT, transforming ideas into reality to assure the success of their projects, and be actively involved in growing businesses.


We can certify our control panels up to 1600A with cCSAus or cULus accreditations. We can also work with our clients to obtain CE certification for their control equipment. 



Low-voltage control panel building (750V and less), maximum 1600A


Low-voltage control panel building (750V and less), maximum 1600A
CE marking

CE marking