Chemical and petrochemical

A more secure network to prevent cyber attacks

salle serveur cybersecurite

Design and update of the network architecture used in production


Industry: Chemical and petrochemical
Client: Confidential
Services: Industrial and Network IT
Technologies: HPE server, VMware virtualization, Cisco switch and router, Sophos firewall

The context

Ranked as a critical infrastructure due to the nature of its operations, the plant wishes to equip itself with a new solid network infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks. Indeed, in the case of a cyber attack affecting production, the consequences would be major. A product spill into the environment would require the evacuation of nearby towns, not to mention the environmental impacts.

The company wants to put in place the necessary configurations to ensure the cybersecurity of its plant.

In addition, the network infrastructure requires significant upgrades to improve the speed of the network and to allow for more regular and efficient updates.

The project

Excelpro implication

  • Analysis and design of the plant’s network architecture
  • Design of architectural drawings and plans
  • Pre-installation cybersecurity analysis
  • Components selection
  • Plans and drawings of cabinets and panels
  • Supply of servers, switches, routers, firewalls, UPS, cabinets
  • Equipment configuration and programming
  • Virtual machines (VM) preparation and configuration
  • Equipment implementation and commissioning
  • Post-installation cybersecurity analysis including penetration testing

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) standards and tools (CSET) were used for the pre and post installation assessments.

The results

High standards of cybersecurity

The plant’s OT environment is now secure, as opposed to other companies that are more susceptible to computer penetration problems and cyberattacks.

  • Problems regarding cybersecurity, speed, ease of expansion and upgrades have all been fixed
  • A new network architecture has been developed and is now recognized as the new standard in all the plants
  • Better process control
  • A better performing and more secure network (initially at 60%, now over 95%)
  • A decrease in update times

Cybersecurity analysis

Excelpro’s industrial IT-OT experts performed a cybersecurity analysis before the new infrastructure was put in place and a second one after the implementation. Each analysis gives a score. The work done by the Excelpro team allowed the system to go from 60% secure to over 95% secure.

Redesigning and upgrading systems to ensure cybersecurity gives this plant a significant competitive advantage. Now that their network is more robust, reliable and secure, potential losses from a computer intrusion are now almost non-existent.

Multiplied value

Few companies offer this type of service in Quebec. The specialized knowledge required for this type of project is rare. Excelpro distinguishes itself by its expertise in this field allowing it to accompany its clients in the implementation of effective measures to counter cyber attacks and ensure cybersecurity.

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