Data digitalization

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Entering the 4.0 mode

The context

An operator takes a sample every minute, and records the data on a paper form. Then, the quality control manager writes the information into an Excel file.

The challenge

The production manager wants to see the samples’ data in real time in order to take the necessary actions depending of the results.


  • Delay of several hours, even several days between the sampling and the compilation in the Excel file
  • Difficulty in assigning the task of entering the data due to the labour shortage
  • Possibility of errors during data transcription

The projet

The implementation of MIA, a digital solution

  • Create an electronic form to replace the paper form
  • Save the results in a database
  • Develop a dashboard to see data in real-time
  • Configure a report to view historical data based on selected parameters

The results

The data available in real-time allows the production manager to make the proper decisions, intervene quickly and adjust production parameters if necessary.

The MIA solution offers intuitive and configurable dashboards that are updated as soon as a data is entered. The quality control manager who initially had to enter manually the data now works on projects that add value to the company.

  • Gain of several hours per week
  • Real-time data visualization allowing to detect trends and correlation with process data
  • Adjustment of production parameters in a timely manner
  • Less production losses
  • Elimination of the risk of data loss


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