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Entering the 4.0 mode

The context

A company in the food processing field has an automated production line that includes six stations from product manufacturing to packaging. Each station has its own PLC and operator interface.

The challenge

Usually, the production results are satisfying, but the supervisor has noticed a drop in efficiency over the past few months without being able to understand the cause.

The project

Equip the company with a decision tool solution

  • Integration of the MIA solution including the Overall Operations Effectiveness (OEE) module
  • Centralization of the information from all the PLCs in the MIA database

Correct equipment parameters

The data analysis that is made possible by MIA allowed us to discover that the problem occurs at the packaging stage when item A is produced immediately after item B since the dimensions of these two items are very different.
A mechanical modification was made to correct the situation.

The results

MIA’s implementation allows this company to obtain a precise vision of the production line activities.

  • Access to dashboards showing the Overall Operations Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Access to dashboards to track the evolution of the production and to detect trends
  • Modification of production parameters for a better transition when changing items
  • Reduction of equipment downtime
  • Creation of an action plan and a continuous improvement process in order to fix elements that emerged from the data analysis


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